5 Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tools

Forgetting passwords happen to anyone including forgetting the Windows password on the computer or laptop you use everyday.

One of the best ways to solve everything is to use a Windows password recovery tool.

The Windows password recovery tool is used to reset the user’s password that is used to enter the Windows operating system.

A password recovery tool is commonly known as a “password cracker” tool because it is sometimes used to “hack” passwords by hackers. Don’t worry if this tool is used to legally solve or unlock your own Windows password is certainly a legitimate practice.

Today I am going to share some of the best free Windows password recovery tools. Works for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 and even older Windows versions.


5 Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tools

Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tools

Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tools



Kon-Boot is a free password reset software for Windows. If you forget your Windows XP password, then you can use the Kon-Boot program to resolve it.

Kon-Boot works quickly to hack the password and restore it. But, unfortunately for you users of the 64-bit version of Windows, or the version of Windows 8 or Windows 10 it doesn’t work!

It is possible for Windows Vista and Windows XP users to work well. So, Kon-Boot only works for older versions of Windows and for the latest version, I’m not sure it works properly. Please go to the next password recovery program.

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2.Cain & Abel

The next free recovery tool for Windows andi is Cain & Abel. This tool works effectively to help you solve problems.

Cain & Abel requires access to Windows administrator account. Cain & Abel is very reliable for recovering passwords to accounts other than those you use.

Cain & Abe are able to hack Windows passwords, but this is more complicated than you think. But, Cain & Abel is able to hack passwords from the Administrator account quickly for Windows XP. But unfortunately for the latest version of Windows I’m not sure.



LCP is another free password recovery software for Windows. The LCP can be a little intimidating for the new Windows password recovery tool, so some prior knowledge is very helpful to avoid bigger problems with your PC.


4.Trinity Rescue Kit

Restoring a windows password requires patience because it’s not easy. The next password recovery tool is Trinity Rescue Kit. This tool requires boot from a disc or USB.

Trinity Rescue Kit works to delete the previous password and allows you to set a password. The Trinity Rescue Kit works well for Windows 7, 8, 10 Vista and XP.



Ophcrack is the best Windows password recovery now. Ophcrack is able to recover Windowsa passwords quickly and easily to use. The Ophcrack program allows you to hack Windows accounts, and start recovering passwords automatically.


Tips to prevent forgetting Windows passwords


Use Easy Password Combinations

An easy combination will help you to remember any password. Please, don’t make passwords too easy such as date of birth, cellphone number, home address. Because it will invite hackers! When something happens with your device, say your laptop has been stolen. Thieves easily break into your laptop’s password.

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I don’t want this to happen to you. You have to make combinations that are easy for you remember but it’s hard for people to guess?


Create a Special Password Note

Personally I noted all my emails and passwords. I have dozens of emails with a unique combination of passwords, myself events harder to memorize it. You must make a note to remember each password. To avoid forgetting keywords and that is correct by using note. Please, this is your privacy, you have to make a password for every digital note. Like in the cloud or smartphone app notes.


Make sure you remember all of your Passwords. Last tips you should remember all of your passwords. Not only for Windows, but generally for all passwords that you use on devices.

Thank you, I hope that Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tools above can solve your problem

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