How Hackers Actually Hack Your Accounts & How to Protect Yourself?

Cybercrime is the most prevalent, so people talk about their account being hacked? Every day there are millions of thefts of data and accounts hacked. There is no safe security, we must always be vigilant.

Password protection is the most important thing we must do. In the previous article I wrote about how to create a strong password and now I will explain how hackers actually hack your account? And how to protect yourself from hackers attacks?


How Hackers Actually Hack Your Accounts & How to Protect Yourself?


I am sure most of you visit this blog because you have been hacked? Maybe your email, Facebook, Instagram account has been hacked? You have to know how hackers hack your password and change it? And how do hackers get your passwords?


1.Password is weak and easy to guess

How Hackers Actually Hack Your Accounts

How Hackers Actually Hack Your Accounts – image


Weak passwords are an easy way to hack. Do you make password combinations that are easy to guess? Like iloveyou, 1234567890, today, qwert? These are really easy to guess. Most of the causes of hacking in accounts are they have weak passwords. maintaining password security is very important and no wonder if there are some people who are willing to spend money to rent ” Password Manage ” Even though the price is not cheap, they get security to automatically save passwords and generate strong and unique passwords.

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Please avoid making the password weak and predictable. You can create passwords with various combinations such as numbers, uppercase letters, symbols and other unique characters. Please note all the difficult passwords so you don’t forget!




Keylogger – image


Keyloggers are commonly used for online crime. Keyloggers are malicious software that can steal data including passwords, credit cards and more. Keylogger is malware category because it can harm the user. When a Keylogger is installed on your computer or device, it records every step of the password that you made.

Where did the Keylogger come from? When you surfing in the Internet, download a software, download game, or download wallpaper These are their way of asking you to install a Keylogger. Usually hackers make a fake sotware similar to the software we usually use. Then the victim installs a fake software and the victim’s computer will automatically be attacked by a Keylogger.

When your computer runs online, all login data such as passwords, credit cards, personal data will be sent automatically to hackers. Then they will hack and change your data including passwords and steal credit cards.

How do you prevent a computer from getting infected with a Keylogger?

One way to avoid Keylogger attacks is to install antivirus and not download applications illegally. Choose a website that is trusted and safe for downloading applications. You can also check using an online virus scan and create a strong password,


3.Trojan Horses

Trojan Horses

Trojan Horses – image


Trojan Horses are common malicious viruses that attack victims and steal passwords or personal data. Trojans spread through software, games, fake links. Be careful when you download pirated software, because that is the beginning of data theft!

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Hackers are very smart to manipulate victims. They make software similar to what is commonly used. Even though it is a virus. One easy way to see it is a virus or not is that you have to see the file size. If it’s small, then you can be sure it’s a virus!

Be careful when running the patch or keygen! Pirated software is very vulnerable to virus attacks, therefore keep on alert!

How to protect yourself from Trojan Horses?

First please install antivirus trojan removermalwarebyteskasperskyAdaware Antivirus Free. Those are best antivirus to remove trojan horse.

Hackers are very cunning, so you have to be careful when surfing the Internet. Use some antivirus to maintain the security of your device. Avoid pirated software or sites that point to fake links. To maintain the security of a computer or device, you must always scan antiviurs every time. Use premium antivirus to make it more leverage.

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