How to Create a Strong Password (Easy Remember It)

Create strong and secure password is easy. You can make it with unique combination to avoid hacking. Sometimes, You make passwords easy to guess like phone numbers, home address, hobby, date of birth? Please rightnow, you should leave the habit.

Strong passwords contain random words, including numbers, words, characters, symbols, uppercase. Avoid various easy guess words. Did you know that millions of passwords have been hacked because they make it very easy?

Hackers sometimes find passwords easier than you imagine. Because they also use logic? Passwords like places, hobbies, addresses, phone numbers are the easiest to hack.

How to protect passwords secure, strong and easy to remember? In this article i’m going to share about how to create a strong password and easy to remember. If you have a password hacked, so you should read this article to the end…


How to Create a Strong Password (Easy Remember It)

I have more than 10 emails and all have different passwords with a combination of numbers, letters and characters, symbols. I will share this precious experience because I care about you.


1.Use Password Generator And Note It!

Use Password Generator And Note It

Use Password Generator And Note It


Password Generator helps you to create unique passwords, Include Symbols, Include Numbers, Include Lowercase Characters and many more. Password Generator has a feature to help you remember passwords for example: XGqD6&g(VG you can remember it using ( XBOX GOLF queen DRIP 6 & golf ( VISA GOLF ). If you feel it’s difficult, maybe you can note all the password, it’s a simple and easy way to create various passwords. Click here to generate passwords.

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2.Create a Password Combination Easy to remember

Create a Password Combination Easy to remember

Create a Password Combination Easy to remember image


How to make a strong password, easy to remember? I often use a combination of uppercase letters, numbers, symbols. But I remember it easily? First you have to make a short 8 or more character password. For example. YourC4tSl33Pin& spelling (Your Cat Sleeping). By applying a combination like this you create a strong password, secure and difficult to guess.

is this man-made? not an automatic generator, so you can determine what you make with a combination of uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. make it random so it’s hard to break and hackers don’t easily break into your account


3.Use Combination Numbers And Letters Only

Use Combination Numbers And Letters Only

Use Combination Numbers And Letters Only –  Click here


Above I made a combination of passwords including numbers, letters, uppercase letters and symbols. Furthermore, making a password easy to remember is a combination of numbers and letters. You can create a short password, for example B4lloN, CutEc4t, l0v3Sl33p1n9. Etc. Those password are combinations difficult to guess. You can make random, unique and easy to remember. You must memorize characters such as 3 to be E and O to 0 (Zero). Etc.


4.Low Security Password

Low Security Password

Low Security Password –  image


Please again avoid combinations and weak password characters. You have to create a password that no one knows and you have to remember the password with something. For example with animals, fruits, tools and so on. It helps you to protect your passwords from the hackers and bad guys. Read Also:  Free Windows Password Recovery Tools

Low Security Passwords

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • 1234567890
  • mypassword
  • passwords
  • iloveyou
  • goodmorning
  • admin
  • user
  • qwerty
  • 0987654321
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The conclusion is that you have to make a strong password but have to remember from random combinations. You can remember passwords with something like birds, cats, pencils or daily objects that you can easily remember and see. Make sure you also note the passwords.

it’s to avoid emergency things and forget. Because we humans must have forgotten? Always protect your passwords from crime and Cybercrime. Backup, passwords use Cloud. I use various Clouds but I like Using Google Cloud and Pcloud. I make everything safer because I can access from various devices.

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