How to Open Task Manager Windows 7/8/10

How to Open Task Manager Windows? If your laptop has an error or is infected with a virus, malware or Overloading Memory, one solution is to stop the process using the Task manager. The task manager helps you to stop all running programs. But, remember you have to stop the program is not important. If you use the Google Chrome browser it’s sometimes heavy. You can close all tabs with the Task manager.

The task manager is one of the important features of Windows. You can monitor anything through the Task manager such as viewing CPU usage, viewing memory usage, stopping running programs, App history, Startup, Users, Services and more.

If you have difficulty opening the Task manager, maybe some of the following tips can help you…


How to Open Task Manager Windows 7/8/10


1.Shortcuts open the Task Manager: CTRL, SHIFT, and Esc

Simultaneously, press CTRL, SHIFT, and Esc to open the Task Manager. If you are one of the keyboard addicts, this is the most convenient way to open the latest Task Manager in Windows.


2.Open Task Manager through Run



Another way to open the Task manager is through ” Run ” Please, open the Run window by pressing the Windows key and R simultaneously then type Taskmgr in the column provided and then press Enter to open the Task Manager.

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3.Start Menu

Start Menu

Start Menu


This is completely easy way to open Task manager. Please click the start menu and type Task Manager and press Enter.


4.Open Task Manager via Command Prompt (CMD)



How to Open Task manager using CMD? The last easiest shortcut is to use CMD. Through CMD you can also open the Task manager. Please follow the following tips.

Step 1: Open a Command prompt by typing CMD on the Start menu or search field in the taskbar then press Enter.

Step 2: After the Command Prompt window opens, type Taskmgr or taskmgr.exe Press enter.


5. Ctrl+Alt+Del

How to Open Task Manager Windows 10

How to Open Task Manager Windows 10


Since Windows Vista was released, pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del takes you directly to the Windows Task Manager. And since then Ctrl + Alt + Del not only takes you to the Task Manager screen but to the main Windows Security window. It provides users with five different choices including the Windows Task Manager itself. The other four choices are Lock, Switch user, Sign out, and Change a password.


Some of the ways above are easiest to open the Task manager. Please choose, which is the easy way for you to open the Task manager? If you have a problem please feel free to comment …

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