How to Save Battery on a Windows 10

As presented by Microsoft in its newest operating system, Windows 10 even has more power-efficient power management. Just mention the Battery Saver feature which will be active when the laptop is in slow condition.

Not only that, Microsoft has also presented several external applications to special software that can be downloaded at the Microsoft Store to save laptop battery. But if the application is considered lacking, you can try several methods and tips below.


How to Save Battery on a Windows 10


Battery Saver

How to Save Battery on a Windows 10

How to Save Battery on a Windows 10


Windows 10 is currently used by hundreds of millions of devices. Several million of them have been installed on laptop devices. For that, Windows 10 has been equipped with Battery Saver to maximize the device when used. This feature will automatically stop email and calendar updates, turn off live tile updates to limit the application in the Background.

You can find this feature by pressing the Windows + I button or entering settings – system. You will find a choice of Battery Saver features in the left panel. In other panels, you can find a list of applications that are wasteful of batteries and turn them off. You can activate this feature so that the Windows 10 laptop battery lasts longer. For the record, this feature will not appear if your laptop does not use a battery or is directly plugged into a power source.

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Take advantage of the Power and Sleep Features

Power and Sleep Features windows 10


Windows 10 features a built in power and sleep optimization. You can use this feature to save laptop battery Windows 10. You can set options 10-20 minutes. So when the laptop is not used for 10 minutes, the screen will automatically dim or put the device to sleep.


Turn off Wireless Connectivity


To further save your Windows 10 laptop battery, you can turn off connectivity. Even though it’s simple, the tips for saving laptop batteries are very influential. The easiest way to do these tips is to activate the AirPlane mode which now exists on most mobile devices. This mode is quite useful to turn off all connectivity from Wifi, GPS to Bluetooth. You can activate this mode in settings – network and internet.

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