How to Update Drivers Windows 10

How to Update Drivers Windows 10? Device drivers are an important part of Windows 10 for interacting with external components such as vga, speaker, graphics cards, network adapters, mice, keyboards, and printers.

You must always update device drivers to get the latest version. The latest version provides features that improve external devices better if you have a new printer that will be connected to a computer or laptop. To make the printer work with a computer or laptop, you need the latest driver.

Device drivers fix bugs so that your computer works better and optimally. how to update windows 10 drivers? There are two ways we can do through the manual and use the driver updater tool. Today I am going to share to update the drivers with the manual and use the driver updater tool. Read Also: 5 Best Computer Error Repair Tools

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 Easy

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 2019

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 2019


Why You Need To Update Windows 10 Drivers?

Drivers are one of the causes of the Bluescreen (based on the experience of the VGA driver that is most often problematic). A driver can cause Bluescreen if the driver is not updated or even the driver is too updated. Drivers that do not update can make the hardware not work properly. Read Also: Best Windows 10 Activators

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Old drivers will cause Hangs or Freezes on the computer? So, this is very important for update drivers to the new version.


How To Update Drivers Windows 10 Manually

Windows 10 provides a way to manually update drivers:

  • Search control panel in Windows Search. Select the hardware and sound menu and then select Device Manager.
How To Update Drivers Windows 10 Manually

How To Update Drivers Windows 10 Manually


  • Next in the device manager menu, you will see a list of hardware and you can also click on each driver and see the list of drivers used on your computer. To update the driver, you simply select the hardware that want to be updated, and then select the driver that you want to update with the right-click and select update driver.


Update Windows Driver Manual

Update Windows Driver Manual


  • This is the easiest way to manually update Windows 10, without having to use a tool. It should be noted, use an internet connection to support optimal updates.


How to Update Windows 10 Drivers Automatically

Besides manual updates, you can also update automatically….

To update Windows 10 automatically, you need a driver updater tool. The driver updater scans all the drivers on your computer and checks which drivers should be updated.There are many driver updater tools that help update old drivers to the latest version. Some of them offer free versions, trials and there is also a premium version that requires you to pay for the license.

Best Driver Updater 

  • Driver Easy
  • Driver Booster
  • Winzip Driver Updater
  • Driver Talent
  • For more info please get here : 4 Best Driver Updater
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Personally I use Easy Driver and Driver Booster. Both tools are very good. It works very optimally for updating old drivers to the latest version.

  1. First, please download the easy driver here. I use a trial version (Free) to help save costs.
  2. After downloading, please install
  3. Please, Scan drivers and update it!
How to Update Drivers Windows

How to Update Drivers Windows


  • Because here I use the free version, so the speed of download drivers is rather slow. My advice if you want more leverage, please use the premium version.


Update drivers windows 10

Update drivers windows 10

You can also update Windows drivers 10 to download the drivers from the official site hardware manufacturing.

Please, visit your hardware manufacturer’s official website, for example to download the Intel (R) HD Graphics Family VGA driver. You can visit the website and download the latest driver provided according to the VGA model you are using.

This method is very efficient in getting the latest version of specific drivers, but you must really know the hardware model you are using and the version (architecture) of Windows 10 that you are using, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)

How to Update Windows 10 Drivers Very easy and simple? Please choose which method you think is easy for you to do!

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